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Any visitor stolen gems here and haunted eyes until hands down.

In Thailand there is a small island called Koh Hingham uninhabited and there were not many tourists in the footsteps of place to annoy or disturb the peace of the island, thinking only of the gods - the decided to adorn the entire island with black stones as precious Thai mythology recounts.        

It must be said that Koh Hingham is a beautiful island with beach gravel extended in a smooth black. The pebbles sparkling under the sun to bring a beach scene around wiggle wiggle mystery. Although this is not a stone in diamond, nor a ruby ​​emerald or bring anything valuable material, but here is a precious stone by natural beauty exotic rarity. 
According to Thai mythology recounts, this is an island created by the gods, which is more accurate gods Tarutao - a supreme deity of Thailand is the one who put a curse on the island This stone. Any visitor is afraid of being cursed for life if clinging to steal pebbles or stones in it to take home.
An interesting fact is that each year, the office within the national park, which is responsible to manage the island received dozens of stone sent by mail from the tourists miss island pick, people desire to send them to the old place with the desire to break the curse is not obsessed life.
Stone island of Koh Hingham to stay on the island of Koh Hingham, not to go anywhere, if you do not want to pick up the wrath of the gods Tarutao. This as a warning to tourists visiting the island if this strange.
Whether that can not pick up stones to take home, but you can play with them within the island. For example, for Thai people, they prefer to use the stones to build up the miniature stupa as beliefs then knelt in front of the stupa to pray and put the most sincere wishes on the rocks .
As for the visitors from the West, they simply write up a brief message in black and white colors mixed stone, like the flowers floating on the ice. One after the next guests later visited the island are doing the same thing, based on traces that previous visits to the island before they left.
To reach this island, people often look to an old man on the nearby island of Koh Lipe and often have to bargain skillfully to get a trip around the island on a long-tail boat. The average price is about 800 -1000 THB (Thai Baht) for a trip of 10 people and the journey from island to island Koh Lipe Koh Hingham only takes about 20 minutes.

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